Need some inspiration for meals?

Need some inspiration for meals?

Recipes to make with the meat you have

Do you find yourself at home with no clue what to make for lunch or dinner? Take stock of what you have in the kitchen. And let’s have a look at a few meat cuts and the type of delicious meals you can make with it.

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Mince, a versatile meat. Surely you have used it in lasagna, bolognaise, burger patties, Shepard’s pie and so on, the list is endless. We found this recipe for cheesy beef quesadillas. A spicy twist on the classic Mexican dish, ideal for a quick snack or a whole ‘fiesta’ as the recipe notes.

What’s better than some juicy fillet steak? A whole fillet of course! Choose all your favourite stuffing ingredients and have a feast with this stuffed roast beef fillet.

Have you ever tried to prepare a coffee-rubbed ribeye roast? Don’t think you’ll be able to finish it all? No problem! Whole ribeye can be enjoyed hot or cold the next day for a scrumptious lunch.

Not sure how to make boerewors more exciting? As true South African culture, we love to braai. Fire up the braai with a ‘lekker’ boerewors braai pie.


Craving some pie? With some lean chicken fillets and a few more ingredients, you can make a gorgeous South African chicken pot pie in just 45 minutes.

Looking for a recipe to make your very own crispy and sticky chicken wings or drumettes? Look no further! We discovered this Asian inspired recipe for a sweet-spicy chicken snack.


Are you wondering what scrumptious meal you can prepare for that Sunday family lunch? How does a fragrant lamb roast sound? Reserve some lazy afternoon hours and enjoy!

Don’t have the exact beef or chicken cut you need? No problem! We deliver straight to your door. Find your local butcher here.

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