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Meaty Rewards


Earn back points every time you purchase your meat through Online Butcher, Meaty rewards

What’s better than buying online? Buying online and getting rewarded, for FREE! No extra effort, no extra costs, just a bonus reward while you go about your shopping. The more you buy, the more you get rewarded. No more queues, month-end shopping or searching for fresh meat. All that effort made easy and you get a little something extra. Have a look below at how to get your meaty rewards.

Meaty reward points by Online Butcher

How Meaty Rewards work

Buy online and keep getting rewarded

We have kept it simple so that there is no confusion or sneaky corners waiting to surprise you. Here is a simple Introduction to Meaty Rewards story for you. There are four ways that you can be rewarded with points and those are:

  • Sign up to our website account section, login and you will be rewarded with 10 Meaty Reward points.
  • Every time you buy meat online, you will be rewarded with 1.5% back in Meaty Reward points from the price of the order. No meaty reward points can be earned on delivery fees, VAT or coupons.
  • Receive 1% back in Meaty Reward points when you refer your friends, by sharing a special link found in your account section. On their next purchase from your link, you get rewarded. Meaty rewards are based on the price of the order and excludes delivery fees, tax and coupons.
  • Leave a review on any of the items you have successfully purchased and earn 5 Meaty Reward points for every successful review.

These Meaty Reward points go straight into your account and will be available to use when you checkout on your next purchase. An option to use your points will come up when you select to checkout. Whether you want to save up for a big purchase and spend 1000 points, or if you just want to use the points you have available at any point, it’s up to you. Important to note, you must sign up before you do any of the other tasks in order to start collecting points.

Meaty Rewards Trophy, the butcher shop that keeps on giving
Meaty rewards ratio - 200 points equals R200


How do I refer a friend?

Login to your account, there will be a section called “Referral Link“. Click on it, copy the link that is displayed or click on one of the social links to share it. The link will expire in 7 days from when your friend clicks on it, if they do not purchase within that time, the points won’t be shared with you. Your friend should click again on the link to ensure you are awarded the points.

How can I leave a review?

Find the product you want to leave a review for, visit the products page, scroll down to the review section and then fill in the details. Thank you for supporting Online Butcher.

Why did I not get points on my last order?

Important to note, you need to first sign up to our website and then login so that your points wallet can start collecting. Chat to us if you require further assistance.

Do the points expire?

Yes, they expire after 2 years.

What if I already purchased before this came out?

Well, we are in the giving mood. You can go view your Meaty Reward points account section and you will find your points allocated there, provided that you have signed up to our account section prior to any orders.

How do I see how many points I have?

Login to your account and click on the “Meaty reward points” section.

Why did I not get points for leaving a review?

You can only earn points for legitimate reviews, on items that you have previously purchased. The account details used to place your order, must match the account details when leaving a review.

Need more questions answered, let us know by chatting to us online!